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Tips to Make Your air conditioner Last Longer

Do you know that an air condition lasts for a period between nine years and twenty? You need some guidance on how you can make your air conditioner last for an extra period. You need to use the following tips.

Assess energy proficiency. doing this is among the tips that will make your air conditioner last for many years. You need to focus on Seasonal Energy Ratio and it is important to know that more energy efficacy occurs when the ratio is high. When you find out that the ration is less than 14 you will have to consider upgrading. You can consider saving energy by switching off air conditioner after use.

You should maintain cleanliness of the air conditioner. Cleaning should be done as regular as possible. Make sure that each month you will thoroughly wipe that interior and exterior areas of the unit while vacuuming all the areas that trap dust. Check whether there is dirt or dust accumulation in the condenser coils once in a year.

Consider changing filter severally read more here. You should change it depending on how you normally use your air conditioner mostly 1 to 3 months. Air quality and whether you have pets are among the things that will also determine when you should change your filter. You should ensure that the filter is facing the right direction to capture maximum dust.

Look for leaks. Leaks should make you shut off the power air conditioner urgently before doing anything else to avoid complex problems. Check connections in the lines to determine the cause of leaks. The leaks should be sealed properly using the right materials. You can contact a professional to help.

Your air conditioner need rest. Make an effort of turning off your air conditioner when not using it. This is the best idea to avoid overworking the Ac and also conversing energy. During the night it’s the most appropriate time to reduce the usage of air conditioner because you will sleep, view here for more details.

Let air circulate, learn more here. It is evident that the motor can wear out easily due to lack of enough airflow and overheating. Because of this make sure that you clean the air duct as well as vents so that everything can be okay.

Consider scheduling professional service. You need professional cleaning, maintenance, calibrating and cleaning sometimes. You should consider professional service during the spring. The usage of air conditioner during this season is low. You will not buy another air conditioner quickly when you take the guidelines above seriously.